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Where Dreams Are Made – Top 5 Wedding Locations

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

Where you get married is often as big a question as agreeing to get married in the first place. While you could just get hitched in a registry office, the best memories are made in unforgettable locations. The right choice of venue will vary from person to person but makes a powerful statement about who they are and where they are going.

Based on the weddings we've filmed, Here are some of our favourite places for tying the knot!

An elegant Georgian mansion located at the heart of Mayfair in London, this Grade II listed building will add glamour to any event it hosts. That’s why over 40,000 people per year attend functions, especially weddings, at it. Built in the mid-18th century, Dartmouth House is capable of hosting weddings that range from small intimate affairs with a dozen attendees to lavish celebrations with hundreds of guests.

Our tip? Make sure your event finishes at night. Few things beat a sparkler send off under a flying Union Jack.

For those with a love of the outdoors, the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew are an amazing place to get married. Being surrounded by the exquisitely tended blooms of this internationally acclaimed centre for horticulture will make for vibrant memories of your special day. It will also give your guests something to delight in during the day’s natural intermissions.

Our tip? Enjoy a tipple and some canapés at the Princess of Wales Conservatory and make sure you get some portraits among the tropical foliage.

The humble barn has been the venue of choice for generations of British ancestors getting married in villages up and down the land. These rustic, sturdy buildings impart a real sense of returning to firm foundations that make them appealing venues for couples today. That said, many of today’s Barns, like Sushstoke in Warwickshire, are well suited to hosting ceremonies of varying sizes with modern conveniences. This 18th Century Barn is one of our favourites to visit.

Our tip? Choose a summer wedding at Sushstoke Barns and make use of the surrounding cornfields for portraits - you'll look incredible!

Located in the arty heart of London, Trinity Buoy Wharf is a fantastic location that will appeal to the young and trendy, or the young and trendy at heart! This former working dock is bustling with charm and is located within view of numerous famous London landmarks. Wedding videos or photos at this location come out looking iconic and trendy.

Our tip? Take a boat trip along the River Thames and capture yourselves sipping back against the famous London city backdrop.

Heading south-east to the Garden of England, Preston Court near Canterbury is another recommendation of ours. Preston Court boasts a special pagoda in an enchanting garden and a church next door as alternative wedding venues. And between the vibrant gardens and the Victorian era carousel, your guests will truly have a memorable event.

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