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Top 5 Meal Suggestions for Weddings

Updated: Mar 7, 2018

While we’re in no doubt that wedding guests are first and foremost there to show their support to the bride and groom, nothing says celebration quite like an epic meal. After all, a gracious host wants to ensure that their guests are well fed and understand that great food forms some of the fondest memories, even years after the occasion.

Here are a some of our suggestions based on our favourites at weddings we’ve attended.

Number 5: Giant Sausage Roll and Cheese Wheels Cake.

Everyone loves a spectacle. Weddings are already larger than life events, so why not bring this into the food? Giant sausage rolls and huge cakes made from cheese wheels guests could eat with copious crackers are among some of the things we’ve seen that impress attendees. But beside simply impressing guests with its presence, super-sized versions of regular foods can also provide a bit of reassurance to wedding goers looking for something simpler to eat. Although fancy food is almost a given, it’s always a good idea to have something more basic, but in impressive proportions, on hand.

Number 4: Pudding Trays

Creating large trays of self-serve puddings has been a popular way of doing desert at a good number of weddings we’ve done videography for. From a host’s perspective, it can be difficult to settle on a single dish that pleases everyone. Also, by letting people serve themselves you can start to create a more relaxed atmosphere – perfect for after dinner speeches!

Number 3: Espresso Martini and Brownies

Coffee, chocolate, sugar and just a little alcohol to steady the nerves. Exactly the sort of fuel needed at the half time point of your special day. The Espresso Martini was a fun twist on a classic cocktail and hot drink, jazzing up deliciously moist, fudgy brownies perfectly.

Number 2: Carvery Theatre

One celebration we recently attended had a novel way of getting the guests involved with their meal in an unusual way. Diners were asked to serve the food for their own tables with chef’s hats, knives and gloves being provided along with the roasts. Not only did this provide some fun for attendees, it was also an excellent icebreaker, especially for those tables were people might not have known each other previously.

Number 1: Wedding Curry

For our own wedding, Will and I chose to go with something different from the typical foods served at weddings. Taking inspiration from our favourite London restaurant Dishoom, we chose to go for a truly amazing Indian style meal. Lamb Raan, roasted overnight and served with black dahl, naan bread, Bombay potatoes, rice and more, made for a meal we and our friends would approve of and remember for years.

The meal was expertly put together by our good friend Harry Fletcher owner The Woodman Arms pub on Isle of Wight , and was served as a banquet, with bowls of food shared out on the table so that everyone interacted with each other and continued to build up the celebratory vibe on the day.

Making Memories out of Mouthfuls

As we hope we’ve illustrated, food is a hugely important part of most weddings. Meals should be so good that you should be able to taste them when watching the memories of them years later on the videos you’ve had recorded.

What worked at your weddings? Let us know in the comments!

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