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Four Must Do’s For The Perfect Wedding Video

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

Four Must Do’s For The Perfect Wedding Video

Any videographer worth their salt is going to want to produce the perfect memento of your wedding and while you should trust they’ll do a sterling job of capturing the general ebb and flow of the day, we highly recommend you discuss anything particularly special you want captured in advance!

It is paramount for any wedding videographer to provide a consultation. It’s not an additional extra, it’s an absolute must! If you haven’t had an opportunity to get to know each other or even talk about the order of the day in any detail - how are they going to create a film that’s personal to you?

You, your fiancé and all the guests present at your wedding are there because they matter to you and of course you’ll want your video to express that. Added to that, every one of your suppliers was handpicked to represent who you are; from the venue and decor through to the food and the music. Let your videographer(s) know who and what is really important to have in your film!

So, beyond getting to know your videographer prior to the big day, here are 4 things you must ensure they are prepared to do on the day.

1. Prep

Getting ready is that part of the day when excitement and nervousness marry into one. All those months of planning have all led up to this point. This is The Big Day!

There are so many magical moments that happen at this stage of the day including the opening of your wedding gift and card, which you might like to read out; those final applications of makeup before the veil or button holes and those heartwarming moments of support and love from ma and pa!

If possible, make sure at least a little footage of the groom and bridal prep is captured so you can both relive this special part of the day that would otherwise be lost in time.

2. Reactions

Natural reactions say what words never could. The sheer joy, amazement, happiness, and even tears, that weddings bring to life just can’t be authentically replicated. The entrance of the Bride, the Groom’s anticipatory nerves, exchanging of the rings or the first marital kiss are big ones. But there are so many special moments throughout the day and some of them may well be a surprise to the guests. Make absolutely sure that your videographer(s) build these moments into their filming schedule so they are fully prepared to capture them in the best possible way!

3. Audio

Recording audio of the ceremony and speeches is so often overlooked. Don’t make this mistake! Most videographers have a basic grasp of how to capture good quality audio from the ceremony and speeches and there are so many lovely ways this audio can be weaved into your wedding highlights film. You could even request a longer edit with the ceremony and speeches in full to be relived with friends and family at home!

4. ‘Guestimonials’

Finally, and as much as the initial thought of it might make you cringe your socks off, getting your guests to provide little messages to include in your highlights film has only ever brought tears of joy and laughter to our couples. Once the cake has been cut, the bouquet tossed and the first dance finished, your videographer will take guests aside to a beautiful setting and ask them to speak some words of love and support. Inevitably, there’ll be some hilarious curve balls in there too, which you’ll to be sure to find out about when you receive your film!

'Guestimonials' or video messages from guests are an hilarious and heartfelt way to make your wedding video even more special.

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