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why video? WE spoke to the Vintage Suit hire co.

The Vintage Suit Hire Company is a stylish wedding suit hire service, with a vintage twist, for grooms wanting to stand out on their special day. They asked us to answer some questions for their readers when considering a wedding video.

1) Can you tell our readers a little bit about you?

I Will Video is a creative video team, based in East #London, set up by husband and wife Jess and Will in 2016. We specialise in creating lively, #modern and real #wedding #videos across the U.K and worldwide. We love capturing the pure emotion surrounding the day with all its subtleties, looks and reactions – it doesn’t get realer than that!

2) #Wedding #Videography is certainly on the rise but can be seen as a luxury; why should couples opt to

have a video made of their special day?

We tied the knot last year (pic below), and while the photos beautifully captured some of the special moments, it was the video that really brought the whole day back to life. We loved being able to hear ourselves recite our vows; listen back to the speeches and watch ourselves awkwardly sway side to side during the first dance. It’s something we’ll treasure forever and maybe one day show our kids.

3) What are the most exciting parts of the wedding day to shoot, and what could the grooms do to make the most out of it?

There’s no ‘most exciting’ part of the day. The whole day is exploding with pure emotion and everyone is experiencing that in their own unique ways. One thing we’ve noticed with the grooms we’ve worked with is that they often opt out of being filmed during their prep. If it’s logistically possible we always push to cover this because there’s something seriously special about capturing the groom with his bros, bantering away to keep the nerves at bay.

4) What’s the craziest thing at a wedding you’ve been able to shoot?

We had a real hoot filming a ceilidh once (a traditional Scottish dance). There were lots of kilts flying around and ladies being swung left, right and centre. Barrels of craft beer, belly laughter and utter joy filled the room. We’d leap at the opportunity of capturing another one of these.

5) Of your services, which is the most popular and what are the current trends? Is there anything you’d love to try?

Everyone’s loving our natural and lively wedding highlights videos, especially when we include video messages from their guests as seen in Jen & Tom’s video below. We love trying new things and we’re open to anything!

6) What’s the best way for couples to contact you about their wedding?

You can get in touch with us by going on our website or emailing us at we’ll get back to you straight away – we’d love to hear from you!

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