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3 Tips for Starting A Wedding Business

How much are you prepared to spend on the happiest day of your life? You would be spending over £27,000 if you were the average Briton. With such amounts of money being spent on nuptials, there is a lot of opportunity for those looking to help others make their special day even more special – and make some money on the side!

Starting a wedding business can be complex and challenging. But with the right attitude, a bit of homework and a lot of persistence, making dreams come true can be your career as well as your passion.

Here are three tips we picked when we started our business in the wedding industry.

1. Find Your Niche

Weddings are events and, depending on the scale, vary in complexity. Making them happen successfully draws upon a wide range of different skill sets. Even if your talent is wedding planning, it is unlikely you have all the skills you need yourself to make a shining success of the day. Consider the following:

  • Are you a great photographer?

  • Can you make truly amazing videos?

  • Are you able to cook for dozens, if not hundreds, of guests?

  • How are your flower arranging skills?

  • Are you all thumbs when it comes to playing the Organ?

As we hope we’ve demonstrated, numerous skills are needed to make a wedding work. Finding your niche lets you focus on providing a service that people are prepared to pay good money for.

I Will Video in Action by Aden Priest

2. Attend Trade Shows and Conventions

In the wedding industry (as all others) it is often who you know as much as what you know. Attending conventions and trade shows is one of the best ways to put your name out there, both to prospective customers and to others in the industry. Aside from selling yourself to aspiring married couples, you can make invaluable connections with other professionals. As mentioned above, the key is to be known for providing a great service in your niche. Building ties to other experts helps them keep you in mind when they need somebody with your specific talents.

We spoke to The Telegraph about our #TopTips when exhibiting at trade shows.

3. Consider Your Web Presence Strategy

Living in the age of Google, any business that doesn’t have a presence on the internet is crippling itself. A good website provides a means by which potential customers can reach you, but also a shop window from which you can advertise your services and show examples of your work – be they pictures of floral arrangements you’ve created or images of weddings you’ve photographed.

Be advised though, building an internet presence is not an overnight thing and it will take some time before you see returns. To make the most of it, you will need to learn, or hire someone who understands, how to raise your internet profile to make sure your business comes up in search results. Things like providing new content for your website, SEO and others, are all skills you will need to employ.

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