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Updated: Apr 5, 2018

Four Must Do’s For The Perfect Wedding Video

Any videographer worth their salt is going to want to produce the perfect memento of your wedding and while you should trust they’ll do a sterling job of capturing the general ebb and flow of the day, we highly recommend you discuss anything particularly special you want captured in advance!

It is paramount for any wedding videographer to provide a consultation. It’s not an additional extra, it’s an absolute must! If you haven’t had an opportunity to get to know each other or even talk about the order of the day in any detail - how are they going to create a film that’s personal to you?

You, your fiancé and all the guests present at your wedding are there because they matter to you and of course you’ll want your video to express that. Added to that, every one of your suppliers was handpicked to represent who you are; from the venue and decor through to the food and the music. Let your videographer(s) know who and what is really important to have in your film!

So, beyond getting to know your videographer prior to the big day, here are 4 things you must ensure they are prepared to do on the day.

1. Prep

Getting ready is that part of the day when excitement and nervousness marry into one. All those months of planning have all led up to this point. This is The Big Day!

There are so many magical moments that happen at this stage of the day including the opening of your wedding gift and card, which you might like to read out; those final applications of makeup before the veil or button holes and those heartwarming moments of support and love from ma and pa!

If possible, make sure at least a little footage of the groom and bridal prep is captured so you can both relive this special part of the day that would otherwise be lost in time.

2. Reactions

Natural reactions say what words never could. The sheer joy, amazement, happiness, and even tears, that weddings bring to life just can’t be authentically replicated. The entrance of the Bride, the Groom’s anticipatory nerves, exchanging of the rings or the first marital kiss are big ones. But there are so many special moments throughout the day and some of them may well be a surprise to the guests. Make absolutely sure that your videographer(s) build these moments into their filming schedule so they are fully prepared to capture them in the best possible way!

3. Audio

Recording audio of the ceremony and speeches is so often overlooked. Don’t make this mistake! Most videographers have a basic grasp of how to capture good quality audio from the ceremony and speeches and there are so many lovely ways this audio can be weaved into your wedding highlights film. You could even request a longer edit with the ceremony and speeches in full to be relived with friends and family at home!

4. ‘Guestimonials’

Finally, and as much as the initial thought of it might make you cringe your socks off, getting your guests to provide little messages to include in your highlights film has only ever brought tears of joy and laughter to our couples. Once the cake has been cut, the bouquet tossed and the first dance finished, your videographer will take guests aside to a beautiful setting and ask them to speak some words of love and support. Inevitably, there’ll be some hilarious curve balls in there too, which you’ll to be sure to find out about when you receive your film!

'Guestimonials' or video messages from guests are an hilarious and heartfelt way to make your wedding video even more special.

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Updated: Mar 15, 2018

Where you get married is often as big a question as agreeing to get married in the first place. While you could just get hitched in a registry office, the best memories are made in unforgettable locations. The right choice of venue will vary from person to person but makes a powerful statement about who they are and where they are going.

Based on the weddings we've filmed, Here are some of our favourite places for tying the knot!

Dartmouth House – Mayfair, London

An elegant Georgian mansion located at the heart of Mayfair in London, this Grade II listed building will add glamour to any event it hosts. That’s why over 40,000 people per year attend functions, especially weddings, at it. Built in the mid-18th century, Dartmouth House is capable of hosting weddings that range from small intimate affairs with a dozen attendees to lavish celebrations with hundreds of guests.

Our tip? Make sure your event finishes at night. Few things beat a sparkler send off under a flying Union Jack.

Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew

For those with a love of the outdoors, the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew are an amazing place to get married. Being surrounded by the exquisitely tended blooms of this internationally acclaimed centre for horticulture will make for vibrant memories of your special day. It will also give your guests something to delight in during the day’s natural intermissions.

Our tip? Enjoy a tipple and some canapés at the Princess of Wales Conservatory and make sure you get some portraits among the tropical foliage.

Sushstoke Barns, Warwickshire

The humble barn has been the venue of choice for generations of British ancestors getting married in villages up and down the land. These rustic, sturdy buildings impart a real sense of returning to firm foundations that make them appealing venues for couples today. That said, many of today’s Barns, like Sushstoke in Warwickshire, are well suited to hosting ceremonies of varying sizes with modern conveniences. This 18th Century Barn is one of our favourites to visit.

Our tip? Choose a summer wedding at Sushstoke Barns and make use of the surrounding cornfields for portraits - you'll look incredible!

Trinity Buoy Wharf, London

Located in the arty heart of London, Trinity Buoy Wharf is a fantastic location that will appeal to the young and trendy, or the young and trendy at heart! This former working dock is bustling with charm and is located within view of numerous famous London landmarks. Wedding videos or photos at this location come out looking iconic and trendy.

Our tip? Take a boat trip along the River Thames and capture yourselves sipping back against the famous London city backdrop.

Preston Court, Kent

Heading south-east to the Garden of England, Preston Court near Canterbury is another recommendation of ours. Preston Court boasts a special pagoda in an enchanting garden and a church next door as alternative wedding venues. And between the vibrant gardens and the Victorian era carousel, your guests will truly have a memorable event.

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  • Writer's pictureJess

How much are you prepared to spend on the happiest day of your life? You would be spending over £27,000 if you were the average Briton. With such amounts of money being spent on nuptials, there is a lot of opportunity for those looking to help others make their special day even more special – and make some money on the side!

Starting a wedding business can be complex and challenging. But with the right attitude, a bit of homework and a lot of persistence, making dreams come true can be your career as well as your passion.

Here are three tips we picked when we started our business in the wedding industry.

1. Find Your Niche

Weddings are events and, depending on the scale, vary in complexity. Making them happen successfully draws upon a wide range of different skill sets. Even if your talent is wedding planning, it is unlikely you have all the skills you need yourself to make a shining success of the day. Consider the following:

  • Are you a great photographer?

  • Can you make truly amazing videos?

  • Are you able to cook for dozens, if not hundreds, of guests?

  • How are your flower arranging skills?

  • Are you all thumbs when it comes to playing the Organ?

As we hope we’ve demonstrated, numerous skills are needed to make a wedding work. Finding your niche lets you focus on providing a service that people are prepared to pay good money for.

I Will Video in Action by Aden Priest

2. Attend Trade Shows and Conventions

In the wedding industry (as all others) it is often who you know as much as what you know. Attending conventions and trade shows is one of the best ways to put your name out there, both to prospective customers and to others in the industry. Aside from selling yourself to aspiring married couples, you can make invaluable connections with other professionals. As mentioned above, the key is to be known for providing a great service in your niche. Building ties to other experts helps them keep you in mind when they need somebody with your specific talents.

We spoke to The Telegraph about our #TopTips when exhibiting at trade shows.

3. Consider Your Web Presence Strategy

Living in the age of Google, any business that doesn’t have a presence on the internet is crippling itself. A good website provides a means by which potential customers can reach you, but also a shop window from which you can advertise your services and show examples of your work – be they pictures of floral arrangements you’ve created or images of weddings you’ve photographed.

Be advised though, building an internet presence is not an overnight thing and it will take some time before you see returns. To make the most of it, you will need to learn, or hire someone who understands, how to raise your internet profile to make sure your business comes up in search results. Things like providing new content for your website, SEO and others, are all skills you will need to employ.

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